New Theme + Lots to Come

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As you can tell, I’ve finally gotten around to getting a new theme up! What do you think? I hope you love it! The header was made by me (and I’m quite proud of it); the theme coding was done by my amazing friend Siobhan and it fits the header perfectly! Thanks Siobhan! There’s still a bit of work going on but for the most part, the browsing should be easier and better looking. =)

I have quite a few reviews to come, as well as the giveaway of the ARC of A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink, which will be reposted soon. Let me know what you think of the new theme!

Also, please visit my newest fansite for The Carrie Diaries actress Stefania Owen! Watch The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 EST/7 CST PM on The CW.

I Cannot Contain My Feels

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Or why I love Across the Universe by Beth Revis MORE THAN YOU.

When I read Across the Universe at the end of 2010, having won an advanced copy in Lenore’s Dystopian August ultimate giveaway, I knew this book would go wonderful and do wonderful things for so many people. Everything about it screamed success—the writing, the characters, the wondrous setting, the horrific plot twists.

But that’s not why I loved it.

I loved it because it got me.

What the hell does that mean? Well, it’s like this: ever since I was a very small girl, I’ve dreamed of the stars. They have been my friends, kind and unrelenting, wonderful and terrible, the greatest mystery I’ve ever encountered. They have hugged me like I was their own, taken me to places that mankind can’t imagine existing. And when I read AtU, It touched my heart in a new way, like no other book has ever done. For the first time, none of the main characters annoyed me beyond belief for any reason. There was no elongated periods of time where I had to set the book down because it was too annoying, too heavy, too gross, etc. and I appreciated that beyond words. It was exactly the kind of escape I needed to have at that time.

Last year, I was blessed enough to be able to buy a charm bracelet that I had been eyeing for a while… it was no ordinary charm bracelet either. It was hand-made by the incredible Mistress Jennie on Etsy. If you’ve ever seen her work, then you know how amazing it is. As soon as I was able, I bought the bracelet promptly and it arrived around a week or so later! This is a picture of it, via Etsy, of the gorgeous thing!

But yeah, basically, this bracelet is my most prized possession. It is gorgeous and I wear it proudly and often. I am so honored to be able to wear my AtU love on my wrist in a stunning (and my favorite) way!

Whenever I see anything involving the Across the Universe trilogy on the web, Tumblr, Facebook, etc., I like/reblog/follow it! I literally cannot contain my feels about it. I will ramble on and on to you about how wonderful it is, how everyone needs to read it. I think I’ve recommended it so many times that I can’t remember them all (or perhaps that is because I have a terrible memory..). I just… UGH. This series is everything I ever hoped for and it finally is. It finally exists and now I don’t have to write it myself (and even if I tried, it would not be anywhere near as wondrous and terribly heart-wrenching and crazy as this series). I don’t know if this necessarily makes me the ultimate fan but I certainly hope it gets me near the top. Because in my world, I do believe I am the ultimate AtU fan and I couldn’t be more honored to be apart of this fandom!

Enter Beth’s Ultimate Fan Contest!!

Hello Again!

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It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

As you can tell, I’ve moved from Blogger! It would’ve been sooner that I had unveiled it but it was put on the back burner for another project I took on in early September. =) So I finally pretty much finished this new blog!

The theme is only temporary so things are not 100% done around here just yet. But I’m working on it! Within the next week, I’ll be reposting the giveaway for a signed ARC of Michelle Zink’s fabulous novel A Temptation of Angels! Check back!

A Few Things

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Well, I’m quite the fail at this blog again.

I’ve figured out the problems, though.

1. I hate Blogger. The new dashboard is stupid, stupid, stupid. Unorganized, which drives me mad to the point where everytime I log in, I go O____O I use WordPress for every other site that I own, so WHAT POSSESSED ME TO USE BLOGGER?!?!?

2. I am one timid little reviewer and blog owner. Because I failed to promote my last giveaway (for A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink), it only got TWO entries. ARGH. Don’t get me wrong, two entries is kind of awesome… but not amazing. :-( And I tend to not like asking to review books, because I feel like a bother. Which I SO need to get over.

If you see this post going nowhere, you’re not wrong I will tell you right now: I’m planning on moving this blog to my own server, revamping it, making it more personal and organized, and offering more features, reviews, and fun stuffs! It is going to ROCK!

I’ve had issues with this blog from the beginning so it will be nice to have a dashboard I’m familiar with and an easier way to communicate with the world!

Sooooooooo, basically this blog is on hiatus for a tiny bit. It won’t be long and when it’s back, you will loooooove it! :-) Also, the giveaway for the Temptation of Angels ARC will be reposted when the new blog opens.


Review: A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

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Reading level: Ages 12 and up
Hardcover: 448 pages
Publisher: Dial (March 20, 2012)
Source: ARC received from author
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0803737262
ISBN-13: 978-0803737266

Even angels make mistakes in this page-turning epic romance

When her parents are murdered before her eyes, sixteen-year-old Helen Cartwright finds herself launched into an underground London where a mysterious organization called the Dictata controls the balance of good and evil. Helen learns that she is one of three remaining angelic descendants charged with protecting the world’s past, present, and future. Unbeknownst to her, she has been trained her whole life to accept this responsibility. Now, as she finds herself torn between the angelic brothers protecting her and the devastatingly handsome childhood friend who wants to destroy her, she must prepare to be brave, to be hunted, and above all to be strong, because temptation will be hard to resist, even for an angel.

Michelle Zink masterfully weaves historical fantasy with paranormal romance to create a gripping tale of love and betrayal.

I was honored when Michelle picked me to receive one of very last ARCs she had of A Temptation of Angels. So thank you very much Michelle!

I really, really enjoyed this one. Probably more than her previous three books, and I loved the Prophecy trilogy a whole lot. There was just something about this one that I adored! Maybe it was the fact that this one is set in and around London? Maybe it’s those British accents? Or maybe it’s the writing, which is lyrical and engaging as I’ve come to expect from Ms. Zink.

I’m not sure. But I loved this book beyond words.

Helen is a strong character and I do wish that could’ve been showcased more. I know it is set in a time where women were considered very fragile but the boys in the story, Darius and Griffin, seemed to not realize that Helen was well and capable of doing a lot more than they allowed, despite that she was equal to their positions with the Dicata. I’m hoping in the next book, Helen sets them straight. That was the only thing I have complaints about. The rest of the book = awesome.

As I’ve said before, Michelle is an incredibly lyrical writer. She weaves such amazing tales, and she knows what she’s doing. If that wasn’t apparent in the Prophecy trilogy, it will be in this one. I had no trouble getting into the story because of her amazing writing. Well, also because there was absolutely no time wasted getting to the action! Right off the first few pages, the story began and I was so engaged in it.

And let me tell you: I’ve never been so torn between two male characters. Raum and Griffin were both so… GAH! Well, actually, Helen can have Griffin and I’ll have Raum. ;)

Enough of that.


Laziness and a Whirlwind of Craziness

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I am a bad, bad blogger.

It’s not that I don’t want to review books. It really isn’t, in any way.

It’s that I am SLOW! Yes, extremely slow. I like to take my time when I’m reading books, and as such, it could sometimes take me weeks to finish them! Other times, things happen and I can’t get to the books I’m reading for a few days, which elongates my reading time even longer.

As such, I am formally announcing a plan. No, I’m not going to close this blog. But as of today, this blog will be updated only as I finish books and write reviews. That is not to say that if a review is request, it will take me months and months to get to it. If I am requested to review a book, generally, as long as the pub date isn’t more than two months off, it will take a front seat to the book I would’ve read next.

Occasionally, I’ll still do memes like Waiting on Wednesday or In My Mailbox and post about cover reveals and such as I have time. Hopefully, I’ll have the time to do this more often than I have since this blog was opened back in September 2010. But knowing me, I can’t promise that will happen.

I’m sad that I haven’t been able to keep up this blog like I wanted. But I guess life gets in the way, right? Which, you know, SUCKS. Thanks to everyone for visiting, and to the 57 of you who follow as well! It means the world, especially since I leave my lovely readers hanging so often. Now, we have an agreement, don’t we? Okay!

Oh, and there will be a giveaway… NEXT MONTH! ;)

Review: Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A. Rigg

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Reading Level: Young Adult
Sold by Amazon Digital Services
Source: Received from author
Language: English
Purchase: Amazon

Three weeks into the school year music junkie Casey Barnes gets a second chance with the mysterious ex-boyfriend whose name she has not even been able to say. In hopes of saving studentkind from the hell that is high school, Casey has been slipping song playlists to fellow students while working in the library. When she gets another chance with her ex, she schemes to win him back by giving him one of the lists. Her plan works, but not quite in the way she hopes, and she realizes that truly winning him back will be a lot harder than choosing some killer songs. Namely, she will need to get the attention of the whole school in a way no one has ever done before.

Casey Barnes Eponymous is the debut novel by award-winning writer E.A. Rigg. For songs of the day and more follow the book on twitter, @CaseyBarnesEpon, or at the Casey Barnes Eponymous page on Facebook.

I never review self-published books. And it’s not because they’re not worthy of my time; really, I just have too many books to read. But when E.A. Rigg, author of Casey Barnes Eponymous, emailed me with her request, it really touched me. Believe it or not, I get a lot of emails from authors, self-pubbed or not, and some of them are just plain generic. When I read the email and learned about Casey’s story, I was definitely interested, especially considering the musical part of the story.

Casey was a great protagonist. She was flawed and funny and she had some awesome music taste! She definitely reminded me of myself in some ways (though I’m not exactly funny, no matter how hard I try to be!). Her complete and utter infatuation with Alex Deal was annoying at times, though. It seemed like it was hard for her to see what a jerk he was.

Which I can completely relate to. >__>

Overall, this was an awesome, quick read! Never mind that it’s self-published. That says nothing about the story in any way. If you’re a music fan, read it. If you’re a contemporary YA novel fan, read it. It’s cheap (only $2.99), it’s fun, and you’ll get a great new playlist out of it! Be sure to check out E.A.’s blog too, to learn more about what she’s up to!

PS.. Sorry I’ve been MIA again! I’ll be making a post soon to elaborate as to what exactly is going on around here.

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