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Below, you’ll find information about Lizzie’s published writing and current works-in-progress.

The Penmen Review

Lizzie was selected to participate in SNHU’s W.R.I.T.E. Challenge at the end of 2021. The competition offered the possibility of being published, as well as several resume enhancing skills. Co-written over the course of eight weeks with three others, the article was selected for publication in April 2022. It details how to build a blog audience through the use of social media and other outlets.

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When a boy, trapped for more than two decades after his death between his childhood home and the Veil, meets the new resident of his house, he finds the first person that has seen him in years. Hopeful she can help him move on, he must find a way to gain her trust. The girl, anxious after a lifetime of encounters with the ruthless dead, must, too, let go of her fears in order to help the boy. But even as they learn to find faith in one another, the path to the next life is more treacherous than they ever expected.