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I appreciate and love authors of all types. With that being said, due to working a full time job and going to school full time, I must be selective in the books I choose to review. I will take requests for any publishing format, whether traditional or self-published, however the genres I prefer are a bit more limited due to this.

In YA, I generally avoid contemporary. Unless a book has massive popularity, it’s rare that I seek out or enjoy this genre. Books depicting gore (lengthy descriptions of violence, amputation, etc.) are absolutely not for me. While I can handle violence in novels, if that is the main focus (think The Hunger Games), then it’s best to not request my review. In Adult, I’m not really into books that are specifically smut or the entire point of the novel is to have as much sex as possible. Again, fine with sex scenes but not when that’s the whole plot.

Now let’s talk about the genres I absolutely love!

Science fiction (my favorites include Ready Player One, Heart of Iron, These Broken Stars, Across the Universe, The Lunar Chronicles, and Andy Weir’s books)
Fantasy (especially in a similar vein to Stephanie Garber and Erin Morganstern)
Paranormal (I love ghost stories)
Historical (especially Victorian/Edwardian settings)
Romance (think Christina Lauren and the Bridgerton books)

With that being said, if you see a review on my blog, and you think I might enjoy your book based upon that review, please feel free to reach out!

Please note that requesting my review does not guarantee it will be posted by pub date, or at all. I make every effort I can to have a review up in a timely manner but my schedule most days is full, making it difficult to sit down and read. In addition, if I DNF a book or hated it (these are rare), I will not post a review. In the event I decide not to publish a review on this website due to the previously mentioned reasons, I will ensure you are contacted and informed.

I can accept ebooks (Kindle, epub, etc. I have a Kindle and iPad), physical copies (ARC or finished), and audiobooks.

For streamlining purposes, please include a synopsis, title, author’s name, and pub date in your email so I can make an informed decision. Thank you for your consideration!