Something I Never Thought I’d Do

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This post is sort of hard to write… though I suppose I’ve seen it coming for a long time. I’ve just been putting it off for too long now. I’ve been a book blogger, technically, since September 2010. That’s a ridiculously long time for me. In that time, I’ve had a lot of inactive periods, but I always said I would do better next week, next month, next year. The cycle goes on and on.

I entered my 20’s a couple months ago and I’m having an existential crisis. I know what I want to do with my life but it’s all moving too slowly for my liking and scaring me that it may never happen and that—gasp—I’ll have to get one of those dumb office career things. Yuck. I think a lot of people my age are experiencing this so I don’t feel like this is an excuse but, as I have very large plans for 2015, it’s definitely stressing me out.

As a result, I’ve had virtually no time to review any books I’ve read in the past months (which hasn’t been very many anyways). I came to the conclusion after the New Year arrived that book blogging just isn’t something I’m particularly interested in continuing with. I’m making a lot of changes and eliminating things from my life that are no longer worth the stress/guilt/whatever and blogging has been a major point of stress and guilt for me for a while now. The book blogging community is wonderful, full of passionate and kind people, but I’ve always been on the edge of it, observing more than anything else. I often couldn’t make the time to have reviews or other posts up every other day, as seems to be a guideline of being a decent blogger, because I’m terrible with time management. Other people are fantastic at this and they amaze me. Praise you, awesome bloggers!

I am sad to be officially calling my blogging days over. I’ve loved being apart of this close-knit community all these years, even before I started blogging myself, so it will be weird to not actually be among it. Obviously, I don’t plan on unfollowing all of the bloggers I follow or removing myself entirely, as I aim to be published one day and book bloggers are such a pivotal part of an author’s success, but not being able to call myself a blogger anymore—that’s kind of weird.

I don’t know what will happen to this space. I know I’ll keep it online but I’m not sure if I will unpublish my previous posts and reviews or keep them up. I’ll figure it out though :-)

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the years. Thank you to the authors, publicists, and others who’ve sent me review requests and copies over all these years, even though I was obviously terrible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For everything.

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