Review: Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A. Rigg

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Three weeks into the school year music junkie Casey Barnes gets a second chance with the mysterious ex-boyfriend whose name she has not even been able to say. In hopes of saving studentkind from the hell that is high school, Casey has been slipping song playlists to fellow students while working in the library. When she gets another chance with her ex, she schemes to win him back by giving him one of the lists. Her plan works, but not quite in the way she hopes, and she realizes that truly winning him back will be a lot harder than choosing some killer songs. Namely, she will need to get the attention of the whole school in a way no one has ever done before.

Casey Barnes Eponymous is the debut novel by award-winning writer E.A. Rigg. For songs of the day and more follow the book on twitter, @CaseyBarnesEpon, or at the Casey Barnes Eponymous page on Facebook.

I never review self-published books. And it’s not because they’re not worthy of my time; really, I just have too many books to read. But when E.A. Rigg, author of Casey Barnes Eponymous, emailed me with her request, it really touched me. Believe it or not, I get a lot of emails from authors, self-pubbed or not, and some of them are just plain generic. When I read the email and learned about Casey’s story, I was definitely interested, especially considering the musical part of the story.

Casey was a great protagonist. She was flawed and funny and she had some awesome music taste! She definitely reminded me of myself in some ways (though I’m not exactly funny, no matter how hard I try to be!). Her complete and utter infatuation with Alex Deal was annoying at times, though. It seemed like it was hard for her to see what a jerk he was.

Which I can completely relate to. >__>

Overall, this was an awesome, quick read! Never mind that it’s self-published. That says nothing about the story in any way. If you’re a music fan, read it. If you’re a contemporary YA novel fan, read it. It’s cheap (only $2.99), it’s fun, and you’ll get a great new playlist out of it! Be sure to check out E.A.’s blog too, to learn more about what she’s up to!

PS.. Sorry I’ve been MIA again! I’ll be making a post soon to elaborate as to what exactly is going on around here.

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