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My giveaway officially ended last night at 11:59 PM! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that entered, tweeted, retweeted, and helped me spread the word! I wish I could give every one of you something but alas, I’m not that rich. =( Instead, I hope you will settle for virtual hugs!

I am working this whole weekend and have a party to attend tomorrow afternoon and evening, but Monday looks pretty as of now so I will aim to post the winners then!! Again, thank you so much, everyone! =’) You guys are seriously amazing!

If you don’t end up being one of my two winters, I promise that in about a month’s time, I’m going to hold a giveaway for a finished copy of a book (though I’m not sure which one). And the giveaway will be international! =D So don’t go away just yet. ;)

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