In Which I Apologize for Sucking

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It happened again!

M.I.A. again, I know. Well, this time, I have a great excuse explanation. You see, my mom, back at the end of October, got a new job. How does this affect me? Well, it’s simple–the job is in Houston, Texas! Quite a ways away from my little Ohio town. 1300 miles away, to be exact.

It was a big journey to make.

One that now, I am not making.

Houston is a lovely place, so big, with so many places to see and shop and eat. It’s ridiculous! The way people drive is so different, the way they live is entirely different. The scene is completely different. I do love it there. But it’s also very stressful to even think of trudging all the way down there with your whole life in a truck behind you. When you have to make multiple trips there to find a home.

It lead to a very stressful November and December. I hardly read any books, or did anything related to the internet because of this stress. I couldn’t really function with the thought that my whole life was about to be thoroughly uprooted. I worked until the end of November, then left (in great humiliation, but that’s a story for another day) with my thoughts not quite intact.

I do love Houston and hope to visit it regularly but I’m also glad that I don’t have to move there. Maybe one day, I could consider it but not now.

I basically wrote this post to tell you that I am not dead (nor close to it) and I will have some fab reviews coming up for books like A Million Suns by Beth Revis (AGH TOO GOOD) and Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink (ALSO GOOD). Also, I may be attending Leah Clifford’s launch of A Touch Morbid next month in Michigan so perhaps I will be able to grab something for a giveaway???? Let’s hope!!!


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