And we have winners!

Lizzie     Oct 31st, 2011     Giveaways     0 Replies

Okay, you guys. I know I promised winners multiple times over the last 11 days from my 24 Followers Contest and for most of those, I had no reasonable excuse for not getting them together. But Friday night, I kind of did. I was in a car accident, involving a deer. My car was in pretty bad shape, and mentally, so was I. It was traumatizing to know that I’d killed a deer. I know, it happens everyday. But not to me and it was just lovely icing on top to an eight hour work day. Thus, it left me drained for the rest of the weekend. You can probably tell why in this picture…

Yeah. >.> The car was hauled off to the body shop this morning and we’ll know just how extensive the damage is and expensive it’s going to be soon.

But now, WINNERS!

I’m so excited for you guys like aenfwoegnqebofqwef.

The winner of prize pack #1…


The winner of prize pack #2…

is ORCHID!!!

Congratulations, both of you! They’ve already been emailed but if they don’t reply within 72 hours, I’ll have to choose new winners. Didn’t win? Don’t worry! Since this was a huge success (I had over 160 entries with all the extra entries!), I will be doing more giveaways soon! The next will probably be in December, but I can’t say for sure yet. Don’t leave me yet, because I promise I’m better than just my giveaways!

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