A very graaaand opening

Lizzie     Sep 1st, 2010     Fail     0 Replies

I know… How creative am I? Anyways! As you see totally tell (and if you can’t, you must be blind), Darkly Honest is open! The whole thing is still being worked on, though. The home is very temporary, as I’m too broke at the moment to afford a personal domain (which is how I would’ve prefered it open it). Soooooooon, there will be a flashier, prettier theme (though HOW can you not love that header?!), loads of things about me, and tomorrow, I will be posting my review of Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. =) Also, there will be many, many fun things this fall for you to look forward to. Since it is 11:19 PM, and I start school tomorrow, I bid you farewell!

In the mean time, how cute is this cat?!

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