A Few Things

Lizzie     Aug 27th, 2012     General     0 Replies

Well, I’m quite the fail at this blog again.

I’ve figured out the problems, though.

1. I hate Blogger. The new dashboard is stupid, stupid, stupid. Unorganized, which drives me mad to the point where everytime I log in, I go O____O I use WordPress for every other site that I own, so WHAT POSSESSED ME TO USE BLOGGER?!?!?

2. I am one timid little reviewer and blog owner. Because I failed to promote my last giveaway (for A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink), it only got TWO entries. ARGH. Don’t get me wrong, two entries is kind of awesome… but not amazing. :-( And I tend to not like asking to review books, because I feel like a bother. Which I SO need to get over.

If you see this post going nowhere, you’re not wrong I will tell you right now: I’m planning on moving this blog to my own server, revamping it, making it more personal and organized, and offering more features, reviews, and fun stuffs! It is going to ROCK!

I’ve had issues with this blog from the beginning so it will be nice to have a dashboard I’m familiar with and an easier way to communicate with the world!

Sooooooooo, basically this blog is on hiatus for a tiny bit. It won’t be long and when it’s back, you will loooooove it! :-) Also, the giveaway for the Temptation of Angels ARC will be reposted when the new blog opens.


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